Suede + Leather Protector
Suede + Leather Protector

Hobo the Original

Suede + Leather Protector

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Made to protect your Hobo handbag, our suede + leather protector works to preserve the hide and protect it against water, stains, and dirt. 

  • Apply to clean and conditioned leather/ suede. Test on a hidden area before full application.
  • Shake well and spray 4-6” away from surface in a sweeping crisscross pattern, coating the bag evenly, but not heavily. Surface will appear wet.
  • Allow time to dry for 1 hour and repeat application.
  • Best on nubuck, suede, vintage hide, vachetta hide, velvet hide and men’s heritage hide. Not for use on metallic hides, printed leathers, or men’s raw hide or high-gloss leathers like patent. Use to add a light protective layer against dirt and rain.

8 oz.